We're all about access.  Any time there is a new piece of property opened up to the general public we celebrate.  Our vision is to remove the typical hurdles landowners face related to allowing access which will open up new oppurtunities for hunters, fishermen and recreationalist.  

Imagine being granted access to properties you've never dreamed of being able to access in the past.  We invision a day when it's less about "who you know" and more about everyone working together to promote our outdoor heritage.  

What we're about:

  • Improving access.
  • Helping the average Joe get access to pieces of land He/She never would have dreamed of having access to before.
  • Helping landowners by easing the burden of managing schedules, ranch rules, liability and all of the other challenges related to folks entering their property.  
  • Helping "move the ball forward" as it relates to hunter/landowner relationships.
  • Supporting folks who belive in conservation.
  • Supporting young sportsmen/sportswomen in their pursuit of being outside.

What we're NOT about:

  • Selling, guiding or managing hunts, fishing events, etc.  We're all about access!
  • Solving every problem known to mankind related to hunting, fishing, recreational access.  We'll leave that to the politicians.  :-)

We're based out of Bozeman, Montana.  What a great place to live!  Feel free to look us up for a visit if you're in the area.  

Christian and Trey